• "When we both saw the photos, we were blown away. I cannot tell you how amazed we were with the moments you captured and the way you captured them. I am currently pregnant and due in 3 weeks. We have been looking for a photographer to do an infant shoot fairly soon after the baby is born. I just wanted to tell you how impressed we were with you! We certinaly wouldn't consider driving all the way to Toronto [from Michigan] with a newborn for anything less than amazing!"
  • Sarah M.
  • "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ana, your photos are INCREDIBLE.. You are SO talented and did SUCH an amazing job!!! I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work you did. I kept looking at the photos and saying, "I didn't see that shadow!!!" WOW. We are SO lucky to have found you....I have already started spreading the word to all of my friends.
  • Thank you again and let me tell you -- I am one of your biggest fans. I wish I could rewind time and have you do our wedding photos."
  • Alyssa B.
  • "I had an absolutely fantastic time taking pictures with Ana. Without her brilliant creativity, great use of lighting and constant encouragement, the photos would not have turned out so well. Ana exceeded my expectations and I have received numerous compliments from all people that have seen the shots. If your looking for a top-of-the-line photographer she is it! I will definitely be using Ana's services again and would not hesitate to recommend her to family and friends."
  • Jen D.
  • I think the most important thing that a photographer can do is bring out the best in you and capture the exact essence of what you’re looking for in images. With her experience, natural perception and creativity. Ana Belic really exceeded the expectations I had when I hired her. You’ll quickly get the feeling when you’re working with her that to her the shoot is not just a photography session, but rather, a full scale work of art. She takes extra care to achieve an unfettered degree of perfection in the images she produces."
  • Ardem T.
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